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Chapter: “What is a Lightworker?”


         Please Read Andi’s Chapter: The Definition of a LightWorker (below)

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Chapter: “What is a LightWorker?”

I cannot resist presenting the Spiritual version of:


1. You know you’re here for a reason – even if you don’t know what it is!
2. You know you want to help people – but you’re not sure how!
3. You know it’s all going to work out, but you haven’t got a clue.

You don’t have to be a “healer”, energy-worker, channeler to be a LightWorker….It may simply be that You become the One who stands, feet planted firmly in Integrity in your field.  Perhaps you are part of re-building the old foundation – creating a new one.  Any foundation built with Integrity will surely go the distance.

Perhaps you become the One who stands up and is counted… the One who steps forward, leading the way to/for change.  Perhaps it’s you who steps forward to right a wrong.  Maybe “standing up” is for more than you.  Maybe it’s for all those behind you who are headed to where you are (stand) right now… fighting for your rights, fighting for the rights of others.

By the end of the book, you will hopefully understand the LightWorkers’ Journey in reaching their most effective role in the Healing of our People and Mother Earth.  In order for you to understand the importance of clearing out the old on a Soul level– specifically all past life harm – and “shake off” anything you’ve accumulated in this present life, you really need to understand what you actually came into this life with.  It is vital to clear out all the past life harm from the Soul’s (Akashic) records.

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Comments on: "Chapter: “What is a Lightworker?”" (2)

  1. Andi my Angel,

    You are the MASTER of “Soul Clearing”!!!

    It’s been well over a year, and I have NOT had any sharp stabbing chest pains since the past life being “Stabbed in the heart” issue was cleared!…and the breast pain I’d been having prior to the clearing, is gone!!…also, I had an ongoing personal issue that is now “History”…. as well as a very “Sticky” situation I had been living with all my life, that had eluded expert healers/shaman/energy workers for over ten years (since I had begun my own work as a healer) that’s no longer an issue!!!

    Andi, I say Thank-You…but…words just cannot adequately express my “Tremendous Gratitude” for what you have done for me and those close to me…it’s like a gift that Keeps on Giving 🙂

    LOVE and HUGS…

    Karen K.

    • Thank you Karen,
      My heart thanks you for your kind words of gratitude! It continues to be an honor and a delight to be of service to your Ontario community! And I thank you for all your referrals! Looking forward to meeting all of you in person – perhaps in this New Year! Many Blessings and Infinite Gratitude! Andi

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