Creative & Strategic Energetic Solutions


Energetic Advantage!

Welcome to My Site – I’m Delighted You’re Here –
More Serious Pages Explain What I Clear!
But Briefly, With Fun, Let Me Give a Quick View –
Of Some of What’s Offered:  My Life Purpose True!
Your “Energetic Medic” – That’s What I Do –
Blessed with Unique Spiritual “Triage” for You!
Whether Energy Collects in the Form of a “Rock”
Or Limiting Patterns – I Clear ALL the Blocks!
And Energy ‘Snags’ Where Divine ‘Path’ Must Flow –
I’ll Clear Out The Cause – Your Body Will Know!
I Remove Intricate Patterns of Energy Accumulation –
And When It’s All Cleared Out – You’ll Find PEACE and ELATION!

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Radio Host:  Energetic Advantage on Reflect Radio (Blog Talk)

Phone:   (480) 442-6349

Comments on: "Welcome!" (4)

  1. Andi, you are the truest of the true and I found you by divine-ness! The light has brought you to me and my family over the years and it is spot on! Thank you the greatest clearings this life can offer and Bless you for being here 🙂

  2. isabelle said:

    i too want to say hi and thankyou.. im so grateful to have ‘met’ you via your radio fascinated by the gifts youve been given..very much appeals to the science/maths side of me lol…thankyou for sharing your gifts with us.. i really appreciate you ❤

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