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#467: This Past Week…

467 past week

#465: No Waivering!

465 - No Waivering



I hope to meet you at any of these Wonderful Arizona Healing Events this month!

Feb 9th, 11-4 at Storm Wisdom, Shea & the 51, Phoenix, AZ  MysticalMarketplaceFeb2014
Feb. 22, 9 – Evening Sometime!:  An Apache Lake  Day of Healing at Apache Lake Marina & Resort 
Tortilla Flats, AZ
Feb. 23, 1-4, Shift Your Life Healing Day at Healing Dynamics International, Scottsdale, AZ,  Special Show at 3pm: Robert Ray’s MAGIC SHOWCASE

#464: Be Grand!

464 - Be Bigger!

#463: I Wish for You

463 - I Wish for You

This is Our Year to Live What We Have Passion for!

Holistic Healing, Energy Clearing & Teaching are 3 of my Passions!

Tonight begins 1st of 2-part Workshop…Please Click Here!


#460: New NOW!

460 New Now

Clearing For Divine Grace – all day Sunday in Phoenix: (12/8) at  Storm Wisdom, (on Shea @ the 51)  HOLIDAY PRICING!

457 Always a Choice How to Stand

457 sponsor

#442: Star of David

7-29 star of david

A few Spots Are Left for the 3-day Pendulum Class Starting this Sunday. These Exclusive Classes with Andi include a Specialty Clearing to Ensure You’ll Receive Accurate Answers that You Can Trust!

Sign Up Quickly!

A Second Pendulum Class Has Been Added:  August 18, 19 & 20 at Healing Dynamics International, Scottsdale, AZ


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