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#411: People Helping People

Asking for Support


To Everyone Who Listened to Last Night’s Energetic Happy Hour Show with Dr. Eric Pearl and Fred Ponzlov.    If You’d Like to Listen to this Archived Show….Please click Here


#410: The Human Spirit

410 Human Spirit

tonite dr eric

#409: Can You LET It Happen?

409 Can you LET it Happen

Tomorrow Please Join Me On Blog Talk/Reflect Radio  

This Rhyme is Sponsored By Healing Dynamics International in Scottsdale, AZ

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#408: Changing Times

408 Changing TimesOne Hour Can Change Your Life!

Friday – Dr. Eric Pearl and Frederick Ponzlov Join me on:

Andi’s Energetic HAPPY HOUR Radio Show

This Friday, June 14th, 8pm Eastern

Call-In &/or Listen: (805) 292-0357

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#407: Energy Change

407 energy changeDr. Eric Pearl’s New Book is Out and He’s Talking about it on my Show with Co-Author Frederick Ponzlov!

Friday, June 14th, 8pm Eastern

The Picture below is Your Link!

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Listen & or Speak to Host:  (805) 292-0357

#406: Another Shift!

406 Another ShiftDon’t Miss Dr. Eric Pearl and Fred Ponzlov on

Friday’s Radio Show:  Andi’s Energetic “Happy Hour”!  8pm Est

Click this picture to take you to the Show:

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#404: “Fruits From The Roots!”

404 fruits from the roots

Come on Out and Be a Part of Tomorrow’s LIVE BROADCAST!!

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