Creative & Strategic Energetic Solutions

Services & Prices

Services & Prices


Heart for WebsiteEnergy Clearings:

Remove accumulated trauma/energies that have formed blocks/limiting patterns on a deep Soul level so that you can fully step forward and succeed. We’ll upgrade Guidance for personal direction; clear the ‘snags’ to receiving full healing, and clear out what’s at the bottom of the Soul’s ‘self-punishment barrel’ for good!  Many immediate benefits.  

                                                  Clearings:  $130/hr       *Monthly Special:  Series of 4 (60 Min) Sessions:  $440

*Specialty Clearings: Couples, Family, Business, Property, Groups and Organizations  

[please call for a quote]


Heart for WebsiteEnergy Healing: The body runs on Energy and we’ll have yours flowing, as intended, through the body’s Divine Path (Chakras).  We’ll find the “snags” to receiving full healing and clear out blocked energetic pathways through the mental, emotional & physical bodies.   Free Consult for Specific Health Issues

Healing:  $85/hr.    *Monthly Special: Series of 4 1-hr. sessions:  $250


Heart for WebsiteEnergetic Coaching: (offered after a Clearing Session) Once the gift of your senses has been cleared to fully emerge, custom Energetic “Anchoring/Coaching” sessions offer focus, balance and tools to help you integrate and use your senses in everyday Life.

Four (4)  half-hour Sessions:  $160
Clearing (1hr) and the four (4)  half- hour weekly Coaching Sessions:  $250




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