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Lightworkers Helpline

Whether you know you’re a Lightworker…or you’re not sure:

You’re in the Right Place!!

Years ago when I was writing my first book, I was told by my Guidance that there would be three “Waves” of Lightworkers. (definition)  The “second round” of Lightworkers is being “activated”.   This is so exciting because:  More and more people are Being….and Becoming the Change We Want to See!   It IS the ENERGETIC ADVANTAGE that is holding the energy for change – on a Global scale!

Why Get a Clearing NOW?

Beginning Your Journey?                                                                               

Pioneering this Journey hasn’t been easy for anyone.   Generally speaking, those “First Round” Lightworkers hold valuable information to share!  You have the ENERGETIC ADVANTAGE of learning from those who have been where you are now; saving you huge frustration from having to figure it out on your own!   I can tell you  I would have rejoiced to have had even half of the help that’s available now!

By clearing out past harm and the accumulation of blocks and energies now,  this will help you find your unique Path faster!  Get on that Path with the least amount of  resistance… This is just REALLY OLD “Spiritual Baggage” that needs to go!  My advice:  Avoid the negative and limiting patterns and programs that your Soul is still running to “hold you back” from really moving forward to/in your Life Purpose!  You are encouraged to call with any questions/concerns and chat for a few minutes so that you can be sure you’re in the right place for you!

Been On Your Journey for a While?                                                                              

More than likely, it may feel like “something” is blocked – and you keep looking inside yourself to see what’s wrong.  When the Path of Spirit gets cleared, you’ll be done with the “What else is wrong with me” piece!  This clearing will allow you to be done getting internally “side-tracked”.   What I call “Unity for the Soul” also gets cleared…This is the Path of  Spirit that runs through your Divine Chakra System to receive Spirit in all its forms: Love,  Expression, Knowledge, Joy. Once this Path is cleared you have a “clean” flow through you – and out into the world through your Heart Chakra without a hitch. (The place you’ve been so wanting to get to!)  Please call to chat if you have any questions!


You have been honoring your skills, perfecting your abilities and  working diligently on yourself and others.  Thank you for all the work you have been doing for years!  What will this Energy Power Tune-up do for you?  

1.  Update/upgrade your Guidance giving you greater Clarity for your own personal direction. (no more second guessing your next move!)

2.  Clear any hesitation/blocks showing up now, due to the overall Timeline of Healing.

3.  Clear Energetic Blocks in the physical body, including what my Guidance allows me to call “a network of energetic capillaries”.

4.  “Seal the cracks” in your energetic armor, so that you don’t take on ANY energy from those you are working with!

This “tune-up” is designed to give you EVERY ENERGETIC ADVANTAGE to BLEND and EXPAND your abilities even more!  Take your Life and your work to a new level!

The Lightworker’s Helpline:

(480) 442-6349


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