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“Getting Out of Your Own Way – Energetically!”  By, Andi Feinberg

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At any given point, you might be looking for that one piece of information which offers a new perspective to move past an issue, situation, feeling, perception or judgment – whatever has you “at a standstill”.  These tools are designed to get your “Soaring” again on your Spiritual Journey and in Life.  So Look through them and you may, indeed, sense which tool is just right for you at any given time!  Added Bonus after the Tool Section:  For those interested in the Healing Arts….If you know you’re here to make a difference….How to Connect and Work with Your Higher Guidance…and to Work Safely, Energetically!  Please Remember that We Truly Do Receive What We Ask For!…May this Pocket Book of Tools Inspire and Assist You Beyond Your Expectations!
(Click Here to read the Andi’s Chapter: “What Is A Lightworker?” )


Invaluable Tools for Life!

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