Creative & Strategic Energetic Solutions

Group Clearings

Group Power Energy Clearing:  Sat. Nov. 30th, 2013:  Noon – 2pm

  Happy Thanksgiving!  $88.00  (Reg. $150)

at Healing Dynamics International, 2401 N. Hayden Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85257

These Exclusive Power Energy Clearings are Life-Changing Events!  Affordable Group settings will move out the energies that have collected under the surface of the life you’re living!  When we move energy, things have already changed!


If you want Clarity for your personal Direction, with Divine Alignment and Empowerment for your Holidays – This is a Fabulous way to walk out KNOWING that things have definitely Shifted!

In General- Wherever You Are on Your Journey, this Clearing ROCKS!

If You’re Starting Your Spiritual Journey:

One Session will remove the pitfalls and energetic distractions that have kept you from your Path and help you Discover/Fine-tune Your Purpose!

If you’ve Been on Your Spiritual Journey for a While:

One Session will clear the blocks you’ve experienced, allowing you to take Life to the next level.

If You’re a Master at Your “Trade”:

This exclusive work will have you FULLY Stepping Forward in the areas that have been stagnant – with Greater Clarity for your Personal Direction!

(480) 442-6349


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