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Andi’s Energy Clearings & Healings

“When the Instrument is Tuned – The Music is Always Sweeter!”

Each of us is an Instrument for Divine Wisdom & Healing through ALL of our Senses.  When those senses are blocked or buried…and the Path for Inner Guidance is “rusty” – people can really feel “stuck” and find themselves working solely out of the head – and not the heart!

When you stop to think about it….a train runs on energy, your car runs on energy and so do our bodies.  If there’s a ‘short’ in the system… or something needs an alignment, a tune-up or replacement…We have specialists we turn to for help. 

Energetically— you might be surprised how many mental, emotional and/or physical issues/‘symptoms’ can be caused by cellular memory from past trauma…as we experience the limiting frustrations of old patterns and self-punishment coming from a very deep Soul level.

WHY people come to me for an Energy Clearing (generally):

  1. When they feel “stuck”…
  2. When they feel like ‘something’s in the way but can’t pinpoint what it is…
  3. When they feel energy/emotions and continue to look inward to fix “What’s Wrong”!
  4. When they can’t find the Clarity they need to decide on their Next Step…
  5. When they can’t seem to get beyond that same ‘marker’ in any area of Life….Love, Health, Finance, Work…
  6. When they’ve worked on themselves and still can’t seem to find the  ‘keys’ they’re looking for…                                       
  7. When they can’t “figure it out!” …  plus several other “symptoms” that keep them from Successfully Moving Forward.


 »  Unlocks Your Inner Abilities to Emerge!

 »  Delivers Greater Clarity for Personal Direction

 »  Strengthens your Divine Connection

 »  Clears your Divine Path through the Chakra System

 »  Finds/Clears the ‘snags’ to Fully Receiving (Healing)

 »  Clears the bottom of the Soul’s “Self-Punishment


 »  Clears Blocked Energetic Pathways in the Body

 » Seals the cracks in your Energetic “Armor” (so you

   don’t take on energy from others.)

 » Clears the Way for Expansion ‘across the board’

I can only speak for my Energetic Clearings – work I guarantee – that delivers results and solutions for these questions plus many custom benefits—as each person is unique.

I AM an Energy Clearing/Healing Specialist with 20+ years of “clearing out the old”.  When we work together, we’re going to fine-tune your Instrument…for receiving – removing all the blocks – so you can infinitely receive in those affected areas of Life….    If you have been sitting on the ‘sidelines’ of your own life  – in any area—this work changes the program – for good!

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had Joy of letting someone know—THEY are just fine the way they are. … What they’ve been feeling is coming from a deep Soul level… It’s accumulated energy underneath the surface of their life, spilling up and over – into the Life they’re living.  Most of the time, our conscious minds have never met ‘energy’ spilling up from the Soul….so when one feels that energy – it becomes a dreaded piece of “Now, what’s wrong with me?”.   When we are done working, you are DONE with: “What else is wrong with me?”!


  • Clarity to decide that next step
  • Relief – like a huge weight has been lifted
  • Relief – from pain or issues in the physical body, if it applies  
  • Sleeping better
  • True Confidence to move forward…
  • A deep knowing that whatever was blocking – is GONE!
  • IMMEDIATE CHANGES – Internally and in one’s Outer World …
  • Awareness that Stress, Anxiety, Fears are clearly gone
  • Ideas Begin Flowing

Please take a moment to check out the comments and letters on the Testimonial page.

         This is Life-changing work! 
        Please call when you’re ready

Andi’s Energetic Clearings & Healings!

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